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So, let’s start Those videos


The format looks simple to explain,
however, winning a Solo vs Squad is is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are a couple of tips in from the author to win each ‘Solo vs Squad’ game. “You will find some tips and tricks to win solo Vs squad in between videos”.

PUBG 1vs4 clutches videos

1:- Shotgun solo Vs squad clutch 

2:- 1vs8 Groza clutch

3:- 1vs4 clutch


4:- 1vs4 military base

5:- 1vs4 combo

Pro Tips and tricks 1 👇👇👇:-
Find a shelter: The key purpose that must be thought of in an exceedingly ‘Solo vs Squad game is to search out a shelter whenever you encounter a squad. Engaging in open combat is more a risky thing. Hence, first, find shelter and then shoot at the enemies.

6:- 1vs4 in pochinki

7:-1vs4 clutch in Novo and Terese snake

8:- 1vs4 shotgun in Shanok


9:- 1vs4  in AIRDROP

10:- 1vs4 killer OP

Pro tips no:-2 👇👇👇

2. Good weapons: A perfect combo of
guns always hand you an upper hand in
the game. If you use an AR without any
attachments or scopes, or you are
carrying an SMG without any extended
mag, there would be least chances to
dominate a ‘Solo vs Squad’ game. Added
to this, carrying a sniper is a good choice1 vs 1 situation

11:- 1vs4 in Georgepool

12:- 1vs4 in NOVAPRIYANE

13:- 1vs4 in FOGG

Tips no 3 :-👇👇👇
3: In most of the cases,le enemies’ squad usually consists of pro players therefore, encountering fulls squad at a time could be a fool factor. Instead, tackles one player at  time. This reduces the chance of getting killed by the squad.

14:- 1vs 4 in 2 parts ☺️

15:- 1vs4 in POCHINKI with roof help

Pro tip no. 4 :-👇👇

4. Level 3 accessories: Having neck to
neck fight with a squad involves damage
to both helmet and the waist. In such
situations, it is always beneficial to carry
Level 3 backpack, waist, and a helmet.

16:- 1vs4 in Miramar in final circle


Pro tip no 5 :-👇👇

5. No blind rush: A blind rush into a
building full of enemies is a foolish thing.
In a ‘Solo vs Squad’ scenario, a blind rush
can push you back to the lobby. Therefore,
rush but with a clear mind.

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