Best and Pro 3 finger claw setup in PUBG mobile

Best and Pro 3 finger claw setting in PUBG mobile. So, you can setup like that and become Pro. 3 finger claw setup. 3 finger claw for gaming of pubg. ultimate three finger claw setup.

Best and Pro three ( 3 ) finger claw setup in PUBG mobile

 In this article, I gonna show you the best setup and setting for 3 finger claw in pubg mobile. This is gonna be a Pro setup for thumb player. For setting you can choose your own I am not going to show sensitivity setting adjust it by own comfort. Enable peak and fire, peak and scope at your own risk. It totally depends on you that you are comfortable in that setting or not.

To see Pro player basic setting and sensitivity settings read this article

ultimate three-finger claw setup.



Best three-finger claw

This is very simple for a beginner who jumped from 2 to 3 finger.


This is a very interesting setup. By using this recoil control become simple.

This is also one the best setup for 3 finger player.
Now you can say that this is little bit advanced function for 3 finger claw.


This is a Pro setup for pubg mobile with 3 fingers.

You can change the above setup according to our needs. Make the setup who better suits you and your gameplay. Remember practise and practise make you best and Pro. Practise is an only thing that makes a noob to Pro, Pro to a legend, and legend to an ultra legend.


Pro basic and sensitivity setting 

Pro 2 finger claw setup 

Pro 3 finger claw setup

Pro 4 finger claw setup

Pro 5 finger claw setup

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