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What is the RuPay card, visa card, MasterCard? What are the different types of debit cards in India? How debit card works. Working process of ATM card. sidtalk

Difference between debit card

Let’s first know about the ATM Card?

Earlier people used to go to the bank to deposit or withdraw money, suffer from long-range lines and also face many problems.

 Keeping all this situation in mind, the bank implemented a credit or debit card to withdraw money from ATM machines and to get the ATM Card the applicant needs to apply it. After applying whether for a debit card, the bank offers 3 types of ATM card i.e. RuPay Card, Visa Card or MasterCard. Now people have started withdrawing money from ATM machines without going to the bank. So, we can say that these cards are a type of Payment Gateway Card.

What is the RuPay card?

RuPay Card

Rupay Card is an Indian domestic card conceived which is launched by NPCI in 2012. It was introduced in the Indian payment system to reduce the monopoly of foreign gateways such as Visa and MasterCard because these are foreign companies or American companies and their commission is high i.e. the cost of the transaction is high. Therefore, we can say that RuPay Card is an Indian payment gateway.

It also works like Visa or Master Card and its commission is low. RuPay facilitates electronic payment at all Indian banks and financial institutions.

How visa card, MasterCard, and Rupay card works?
 One thing must be clear in your mind that visa, MasterCard and Rupay are not a property of banks. These are a company which is a tie-up with a bank. These companies use to provide online transactions. It gives a 16 digit number with expiry date and CVV code which is mandatory while performing the online transactions.

A debit card is a middleman between bank and customer. If a customer uses a debit card for buying something online he pays using these cards. Now let understand what actually happened while performing theses transaction.

The first user fill the required information on the transaction form it includes 16 digit codes, expiry, CVV codes. If all this information is right then one confirmation OTP is sent to registered mobile number by the bank. If all goes right then the debit card company removes the required amount from our bank account and pays it to the receiver. Thus debit card company acts as a chain between bank and user. All these transactions are performed under certain charges which are dedicated to user account.

Rupay card Vs MasterCard Vs visa card

1. RuPay Card is an Indian Domestic Debit Card that is only accepted in India whereas Visa or MasterCard is an International System debit card that is acceptable in the whole world.

3. Visa or MasterCard is an American company and when we use its card, then for data processing and verification, the server goes to the company’s server, which reduces processing. Whereas RuPay card is used for data processing and verification in India only so, its processing is fast as compare to visa or MasterCard.

4. Banks are required to pay a quarterly fee for joining a foreign payment network such as Visa Debit Card or MasterCard but do not have to do so in RuPay Card. Any bank can join the RuPay network at free of cost

 So I hope you get cleared about the debit card and it’s working model.

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