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10+ Four Finger Claw setup | Best 4 Finger Claw Setup Pubg | 4 Finger Claw Setup For PUBG Mobile

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Four finger Claw Setup for PUBG:

In this article, I gonna show you the best setup and setting for 4 finger claw in pubg mobile. This is gonna be a Pro setup for the player. For setting you can choose your own I am not going to show sensitivity setting adjust it by own comfort. Enable peak and fire, peak and scope at your own risk. It totally depends on you that you are comfortable in that setting or not.
There is a total 13 four-finger Claw set up in below Article

what is four Finger Claw in PUBG?

Four-finger Claw Control, as the name suggests, is a method where we use four fingers which are the index finger and thumb on both your hands. The device rests on the three fingers on both your hands giving you a claw-like movement with your other four fingers. Since we are using our 4 fingers for playing PUBG.

Why use four-finger in PUBG?

Four finger claw works best on big screen devices like the iPad, Tablets or even large size smartphone. The main reason is that in close combat this technique allows you to jump, move, look around and shoot, all at the same time. Players who have mastered this technique are almost always hard to kill.

10+ PUBG Four Finger Claw Setup:

1 Four Finger Claw Setup:

2 Four Finger Claw Setup:

 3 Four Finger Claw Setup:

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 4 Four Finger Claw Setup:

 5 Four Finger Claw Setup:

 6 Four Finger Claw Setup:

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7 Four Finger Claw Setup:

8 Four Finger Claw Setup:

9 Four Finger Claw Setup:


10 Four Finger Claw Setup:

11 Four Finger Claw Setup:

12 Four Finger Claw Setup:

13 Four Finger Claw Setup:

So, these are somme 4 fingger pubg claw setup.

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