47 Khalifa PUBG Biography, Age, PUBG ID, Statistics, & Controls

In this article, we are going to see a depth article about 47 Khalifa aka Osama Qayyum including his name age, Family, earnings, PUBG ID Number, YouTube, Controls & Stats, and More. So, let’s get started.

47 Khalifa is a very popular gaming channel in Pakistan. 47 khalifa gaming channel is owned by Osama Qayyum. He has more than 4.14+ lakh subscribers on his youtube channel with more than 25+ Million views on Youtube. He started his youtube channel on 31 July 2015. He has around 1.4 million Popularity in his PUBG Mobile Id and also owns a Tik-Tok account with over 200k+ followers.

47 Khalifa PUBG Biography

47 Khalifa Biography

47 Khalifa aka Osama Qayyum is a 20-year-old young boy from Pakistan. He is a famous Pakistani gamer. He lives in Peshawar, Khyber, Pakhtunkhwa. Earlier he was not very famous but after he started to play PUBG Mobile and started gaining popularity. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone XR. He mostly loved to play with 3 fingers and Gyro was always on. He is the Official Leader of the 47 clans. 47 clan is a well-known clan in Pakistan.

Real NameOsama Qayyum
Nick Name47 Khalifa
Date of BirthNA
PUBG ID Number5267813117
PUBG Name47〆KʜaʟiFa
Clan 47 Official
CrewNot in crew Till Now
Controls3 Finger + Gyro (Always On)
Device I-phone XR
47 Khalifa PUBG

47 Khalifa PUBG Player Wikipedia

47 khalifa is a very young and energetic personality in Pakistan. He plays PUBG on his high device iPhone XR using his only 3 Fingers and also Uses Gyroscope, Which is always On. He can clutch 1v4 very easily. His fans and supporters are very loyal and very supportive to him and 47 Khalifa also doesn’t disappoint their fans and Supporters. He runs a clan name 47 Official, he is the leader and he’s clan is well-known and very famous in the whole of Pakistan.

47 Khalifa PUBG name is 47〆KʜaʟiFa and PUBG ID is 5267813117. He has PUBG popularity in millions which is gained by hard work and by his Fans and Supporters.

Less Known Facts

  • Osama Qayyum is the real name of 47 Khalifa.
  • He is only 20 years old.
  • He is born and lives in Pakistan.
  • Their Pakistani Fans call him the King of Sniping.
  • Mostly he plays only PUBG and Uploads his PUBG gameplay.
  • He is the Official Leader of 47 official Clans.
47 Khalifa photo

Most Searched questions about 47 Khalifa

What is real name of 47 Khalifa?

Osama Qayyum is the real name of 47 Khalifa.

Who is the leader of 47 Clan ?

47 Khalifa is the leader of clan.

Real Nationality of 47 Khalifa?

47 khalifa was born in Pakistan, So his nationality is Pakistani.

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