BGMI MOD Apk 2.3 Download – (Unlimited UC, AimBot, No Ban)

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Do you wish to become an expert gamer playing BattleGrounds Mobile India and be able to kill an opponent with a single shot, or be invisible throughout the game? If so, then I’m going to give you an improved version of BGMI named BGMI ESP Hack APK that will help you achieve this type of hack. Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most popular games in India and Has a Million of Active Players.

In this post, I’ll walk you through using BGMI ESP Hack APK. We’ll also walk you through the complete steps to install for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices, as well as numerous other options. BGMI Mod Apk Work on Rooted and Non-Rooted Devices. It has lots of Paid hacks for Free including Bullet Tracking, Esp Hack of all Materials, Black Sky, Antena, No ban, No Root Access, and Many More.

Enjoy the breathtaking designs of maps, brand-new challenges, and game mods. You can take on the challenge by yourself or work with your friends and beat your foes. Just Download and install the Moded Version of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

BGMI MOD APk Download

What is BGMI MOD Apk 2022

With various maps featuring various regions within virtual worlds, Battlegrounds uses the full capabilities of Mobile India Game Engine 4 to provide a completely complete 3D gaming experience for Android smartphones that can be enhanced with 3D music. Bgmi has lots of Unique and Exciting Features Such as teaming Up with Friends, Large & Various Maps, etc.

With various maps that have diverse fields in the virtual world, Battlegrounds Mobile India uses the full power that is available in Unique Engine 4, the full power that is available in Unreal Engine 4 to enliven the virtual world by incorporating 3D audio, creating an immersive experience on mobile phones. Select the card and design that is right for you and then get ready for an exciting journey.

In full battle, the BGMI Hack Mod Apk could also be a battle between the minds, as you battle your foes with companions or on your own making them the ultimate person on the battlefield. Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the Most Popular Games in the World and has a Unique design to change the Gaming Generation for all Decades.

With regular content updates that include global collaboration, it’s a Battle Royale game that always has something to offer since we strive to hear feedback from players and offer content that players can use on their mobile devices.

BGMI Full SAfe Main Account MOD

BGMI 2.0 MOD Apk Download

Bgmi Mod apk is a Moded version of battlegrounds Mobile India. To add more features in Bgmi, Hacker, or Developers who Create MOD Apk, they Change or Add some Extra Code. There are different type of hacks, which has distinct features in the Game.

With different maps with different regions in virtual environments, Battlegrounds Mobile India uses the full capabilities of Mobile India Game Engine 4 to bring a truly immersive 3D experience to Android mobile devices that can be brought to life through 3D music.

In bgmi, one plane will leave you on an island along with the other 99 Players. You have to find Guns, Ammo, health, and other Supplies. You have defeated other Players and the last man standing will get the Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.

Permission Required by BGMI Hack Apk

To use the battlegrounds Mobile Hack Version, We have to give some Permission to the Bgmi apk, If you want to use it Ultimate Version. If you have never installed any MOded Apk and Obb then it might be difficult for You. Permissions Required by BGMI MOD Apk are…

  • Storage Permission
  • Microphone Permission
  • Display Over Others Apps Permission
  • Internet Access.

If you grant an Above Permission, then Only the Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod apk will Properly Run on Your Andriod Device.

BGMI Hack APk Download

Difference Between BGMI And BGMI MOD

You might be wondering, what is the difference between BGMI APK and BGMI MOD APK. So, Let me explain the difference between them in a simple way


Bgmi apk is an original apk that we get from the Google Play store. In this version, You have to practice hard o beat your opponent. If someone shoots you, Your health with decrease and at a time you will die.

Similarly, there is no other assistant which makes you get chicken dinner easily. But, On the Original version, there is no risk of an Account Ban. You will Experience the Best Gaming Performance.


BGMI MOD APK is a Moded version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Here, You don’t have to Practise a lot to get Chicken Dinner. There are many assistants which make your game easier and Better. BGMI MOD apk provides you with many Hacks such as Aim Bt, Unlimited UC, Green Grass, and many more.

Most of the Hackers in BGMI Lobby use BGMI MOD APK to get a Chicken dinner easily. So, if you want chicken dinner at every match, You must try Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK for Free.

BGMI MOD Apk Download for Windows

If You want to Download a Moded or Hacked Version of Battlegrounds Mobile India on Your Window Laptop or Mackbook. You have to follow the Simple Steps to Download BGMI MOD APk on Your Laptop.

  1. Download BGMI on Your PC & Install It.
  2. Install the File Explorer on Your Launcher.
  3. Then Add a BGMI Hack Script to the Internal Storage on Your Laptop.

Now, Enter Your Key and Start Using BGMI MOD Apk for Free On Your Laptop.

Features of BGMI MOD Apk v.2.3.0

1. Wallhack BGMI

Wall Hack

wallhack is one of the most popular and highly used Hack in Battlegrounds Mobile India. With the help of wallhack, You can defeat or Kill your enemy beyond the walls. If someone is talking TPP, You can kill them with the help of this Hack Easily. These are very useful in Close Range or Last Zone. Wall Hack Provides Exposure to Your For Your Enemy.

Wallhack is Counted as one of the most useful Paid hacks and Can’t be used by any Other Free hack in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

2. AimBot

bgmi Aimbot

Aimbot is used to kill the Enemy Easily. It will Automatically set your Aim on your Head. So, You can easily get him Down. This is Hack is very useful during the last Zone or when Squad Rush on You. You can easily take down the whole Squad with the help of this Hack. This Hack is also known as BGMI Auto Aim or Head Aim.

3. Unlimited UC & Silver

Unlimited UC

This hack comes with the most amazing hacks, which can save you lots of money. Unlimited UC and Silver Hack provide you with Unlimited Ingame Currency. You can Unlock all the Mythic & Premium Avtar for Free. Get Unlimited UC in BGMI.

To buy UC, You have to use spend Money. But, with the help of this BGMI MOD APK, You can get unlimited UC with One Click. BGMI 99999+ Unlimited UC Download.

4. Realistic Weapon & Full HD Graphics

bgmi HD Graphics

This is also an awesome feature in Bgmi, It will add Special features to Weapons such as Firing Sounds and Way of Moment. A more realistic experience made your Game more Powerful & Easy. You feel like you are on the Ground.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has one of the Most Realistic Graphics Settings and is Highly Stable in Most Highend Devices. but, if you are using a BGMI MOD Apk, You can enjoy the Highest Graphics Setting for Your Andriod Low-End Device as well.

5. No Ban Device BGMI Hack

Battlegrounds Mobile India has brought a New Feature named Device Ban, In which if We caught you Playing a BGMI Hack your Device got banned. But, there is No Problem With your Hack. Our Hack is Fully Secure and Safe for your Account as well as your Device.

5. No Recoil

bgmi weapon hack

If you use this hack, your Weapon Recoil became almost Zero and You can set your Aim Clearly even enemy is far away. 0 Recoil hacks in bgmi are very useful for Rage Range. You can easily use AKM or M762 from a Long Range.

6. ESP activated

ESP is a very popular hack in Battlegrounds Mobile India. With the help of this hack, you can see your Enemy from anywhere if he taking TPP.

  • NO Ban & Root
  • Aimbot
  • Airlock
  • Car Fly
  • Long Jump
  • I pad View
  • Flash
  • Many Features
  • All Items

System Requirement for BGMI MOD

Internal Storage16 GB Storage
ProcessorLatest Any Company
Rooted Not Requires
Login KeyRequired

BGMI v.1.8 MOD Apk Download (Latest Version)

Below is a Working Download link of a Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APk for 2022.

Apk NameBattlegrounds Mobile India
Apk Size760 MB
Current Versionv2.3
Required Version5.0 or More
Get it on PlaystoreVisit Now
Last Updated5 March 2022

BGMI V.2.2 Original Apk & Obb Download


When you first login into Your Bgmi MOD Apk, It will ask for a Single Time Login Key. These are the Single Time Login Key for BGMI MOD Apk.

BGMI Login KeyKey Time Validity
fwjebfeubxhue83r81 Day Login Key
rnuohFY9c7x79g4e1 Day Login Key
ajhjFyhbxhaUw7gg1 Day Login Key
FwuigiuX9w77fw31 Day Login Key
hjvdwyyfXwfw831 Day Login Key
efjBiGGwx8dwfw1 Day Login Key
Iuftfbuyyxg778bdf7 Day Login Key
OqpywtnX7b8dw7 Day Login Key
BDryuw*7nt7w7 Day Login Key
Aevtw7ynowwef7 Day Login Key
LOjnmjwX907h97 Day Login Key
LOOL&[email protected]1 Month Login key
7DYSAYFMdwhg 1 Month Login Key
etycfrdyebySTHo61 Month Login Key
UFTFU%&^6nuiv61 Month Login Key
WYRDRjryt67rvu6Full Season Login Key
bybttttt4c%Ur7 t8Full Season Login Key
Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APk

How to Install BGMI Hack Apk 2022?

It is a Very Simple and Straight Forward Process to Install the MODED Version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. To install and Run BGMI MOD Apk Successfully on your Andriod Device Follow The Step Below.

  • Step 1: Download the MODED Apk & OBB From Above Download Link.
  • Step 2: Install the Apk and Move Moded Obb to Andriod < obb < “com.pubg.imobile”.
  • Step 3: Give All Permission to Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Step 4: Open the BGMI MOD apk and Enter a Login Key.

Congratulation! Your BGMI MOD APk has been Successfully Installed in Your Andriod Device as well Same procedure goes for the Window and Mac OS.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Hack FAQs


BGMI MOD APk is a Moded Version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. In this, You can use any bgmi hacks for Free. It is widely used by Hackers in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

is it using BGMI MOD Apk on Main ID Safe?

BGMI is banning thousands of Hackers every day from Voiliting their Rules & Regulations. So, If you logged in with your main account on BGMI MOD Apk, there is a Chance of being Banned.

How to Hack Bgmi (Battlegrounds India)?

You can’t hack bgmi. But, You can Play the moded version of Bgmi.

Login Key is Not Working?

Bgmi Login key is a Single Time Working and it can be used a Single Time. But, Don’t Worry we will Update the key Every Week. So, Just Visit the Page Again and Again for For New & Working Login Key.


There are a lot of BGMI ESP Hacks on the internet however only a few are actually working, or even fakes, so this is the only one that’s working at the moment.

If you encounter any issues concerning the installation or download you can ask us in the comments section and we’ll do our best to help out. Additionally, sign up to push notifications and emails for updates every

So, this is all about BGMi MOD APk, In this, we Talk about Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APk Download. BGMI MOD APK and OBB Download. If you have any problems while Downloading and Installation of BGMI Hack Apk. Let Us Know in the Comment Section. We will Try to Respond to you As soon as possible. Thank you for Reading and Keep Visiting for More BGMI MOD and New Keys. Thank You.