Carryminati Challenge Soul Mortal – 1 Vs 1 PUBG Mobile Challenge on 16 March

Popular Live streamer and Roaster Carryminati challenge Naman Mathur (SouLmortal) For 1v1 PUBG Mobile on 16 March. carryminati uploaded the video challenging Mortal, in a dramatic way to face him in a PUBG Mobile 1Vs1 match.

Carryminati Challenge Soul Mortal
Carryminati Challenge Soul Mortal 

Carryminati Challenge Soul Mortal:

CarryMinati emphasizing in Video that he had been humiliated Because Mortal played much better than him in their previous meet up in PUBG Mobile. He also mentioned that people called him “Noob” for not being able to play well against Mortal in-game.
Carry also emphasized that he will play PUBG on a mobile device this time, with rules and server according to Mortal’s preferences to ensure that people don’t complain. Mortal also said in the Previous TDM Meetup Challenge to CaaryMinati that ” who is that bot“, “I am not doing any hard work to beat you“.

Mortal Reply to Carry challenge:

After Watching Carry challenging Video Mortal Says that he will Reply him next Day. He also said he had to think about that because if he gets Defeats by carryminati he fills very insulting (Mortal said “chaddi Uttar jayegi“).


On the Next day Mortal uploads a Video name “Carry- I Accept Your
challenge ” and by uploading this video he Accepts the carryminati challenge. 

Carryislive Vs Soul Mortal Latest Challenge:

SouLMortal and Carry are popular YouTubers who have achieved immense success in a short amount of time. Carry has to Struggle more as compared to mortal. Even though this challenge is about who is the better player. Although Mortal is a Pro professional PUBG Player and CarryMinati is a Live YouTube Game Streamer.
This is Going to be a very exciting match and entertain the audience of both streamers.
Mortal Reply to Carryminati
Mortal Reply to Carryminati

There is completely no hate between the two YouTubers. Fans seem to be thrilled to watch the challenge between CarryMinati and Mortal and hope that Mortal accepts Carry’s challenge.

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