How to Earn UC by Making Memes | How to Earn Pubg UC using Meemo-

How you can earn UC By Making Memes and Buying Pubg royale pass. Free and legal Method to earn Pubg UC. Pubg UC trick in 2020. Trusted and legal way to earn Pubg Mobile UC in 2023.

How to Earn Pubg Mobile UC : 

how to Earn Pubg UC
The inner wish of every pubg player is to Get a Royal pass. But, as we all know Royal pass is not free. we have to spend 600 UC which is almost equal to 800 INR to buy a PUBG Royal pass. But, most of the people who play PUBG are students and they don’t have enough money to buy a Royal pass. If you are one of them, then don’t worry. I am going to help you to get a free UC By Making Memes Template.

How to Earn UC by Making Memes :

You can Earn Lots of UC by Making Pubg Memes and Memes Templates. For This, you need to Join Official Meemo Discord Server. After Joining You have to create Memes and Their Template and Have to Submit in the Templates Submission Section. You will get 8UC per Template.

What is Meemo and How to Earn Pubg UC?

Meemo Pubg
Meemo is the best meme-making app for PUBG lovers. It has thousands of templates for you to choose from when you have no idea how to make memes. Easy photo-editing tool, you can add text and images, and adjust font and color as you want. Variety of PUBG sticks for you to choose like guns, cars, Transparent backgrounds,s And More. You can Earn Lots of UC by Making Memes and Submitting it to Meemo Discord Server. I personally Earned up to 5k UC and I get it to my Pubg Account. So, Meemo is Trusted too.

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How to Create Memes and Submit them in Meemo :

After joining Discord You have to Read the Rules and Regulations. After this, You will Get all The Meemo channels. You will find Channel Name Template info where you can Get More Information about How to Create and Submit Templates.

Meemo Discord Server

After Template Submission you have to Wait for Its Reviews. For Each submitted Template You will Earn 8UC. You have created Unique Memes and New templates. If you Use Someone’s Memes Template and Make Memes in it It will not be accepted and Discarded. So, Create your Own Template and Make Memes on it. Meme Template Must be Unique otherwise You will not Any For That.

How to Create Memes and Template for Meemo :

You have to Create your Own meme Template for Submission otherwise it will be discarded in the name of a Duplicate Template. So, try to Make your Own Meme Template. Memes should be International. It should Not Reflect Regional Language. You can use any International movie and Use any Dialogue as a Meme Template and Make One Meme on it Related to Pubg. Remember you have to Create Both a Meme and Meme Template Unique. You can Create Lots of Memes From A Single Template but you can’t create a lot of Templates From A Single Meme. This is the Difference Between Meme and Meme Template.
Meme and Meme Template

Memo Template Should Follow These Rules to Get Submitted.

1) Shouldn’t be screenshots
2) Should be clear and recognizable
3) No politics involve
4) Pictures should not be repeated from previous templates.
5) One template must have one meme (vice versa)  or will not be counted
6) The meme shouldn’t be just random boring work.
7) No physical harm or abuse towards humans or animals
8) No 18+ things
9) You can’t use the Hindi language.
10) Don’t use funky fonts and backgrounds keep it simple and interesting.
11) It shouldn’t have any sign showing that is related to Indian culture, it should be international, it should relate to Pubg Mobile itself.
12) For template submission, it should be jpg and a size smaller than 300kb.
13) The Templates collecting timing is 12:30 PM. The submission of Templates after that consider for the next day.
Bookmark TIttle of the zip file, templates, and meme should be like this:
Meemo Template format

Meemo Download and Discord Link :

Download Meemo
Join Meemo Discord Server

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