Free Fire 10000 Diamond hack Generator 2023 (No Ban Working)

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Hello, Friends As we know that in today’s time, Garena free fire is a most-playing game, Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game, it is an online game that can be played on mobile. In Free Fire, you can play solo, duo, and squad. You can play this game with a team of four people sitting at home.

In Garena Free Fire, you will get to see a lot of premium items, which you also want to get those items on your ID you know that all those items are very hard to find and if you want to get that item then that item You have to buy from Diamonds. But for this, you will need diamonds, so those diamonds are also very difficult to get. And this diamond is very expensive, So many of the players cannot spend so much money and can’t efforts this.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Generator
Free Fire Diamond Hack Generator

What are Free Fire 10000 diamonds Hack?

Free Fire is a most-playing game. Diamonds are very important in Free Fire Fire, in this you have to get all the premium things like gun skins, outfits, car skins, and much more you can get with the help of diamonds. But to buy a diamond, you will have to invest money in it, but many people will not be able to buy it because it is very expensive.

 So friends then you can try to hack diamond but for that, you need either a generator or a mod apk if you have a mod apk of free fire then you can use it with its help. You can buy 10000 diamonds in the game but if you do not have the mod app then you will have to generate diamonds before that we clear you that doing all this is against the privacy policy of free fire and if you do so so, then for this your ID can be ben forever.

Free Fire 10,000 Diamonds Hack Generator

So friends today in this article we will tell you how to get 10000 diamonds in your free fire ID without spending any money. You can get a lot of rare items in free fire from 10000 diamonds, so we will tell you a trick that how you can hack 10000 diamonds, then you can get 10000 diamonds easily in the free fire 10000 diamonds hack generator. It is very safe and free.

There are so many apps like this but I use media rewards in friends you free fire 10000 hack generator media rewards give lots of features that make the free fire 10000 diamond hack trick easy. friends media rewards are online earning app

Free Fire Diamond Generator Code

Click the button to generate a Redeem Codes

Steps for 10,000 Diamonds Hack

  • Download the Media Rewards app from the given link.
  • Open the app, and click on Sign up with Google.
  • Then, you will see various tasks on the app’s main screen. Simply complete them, and earn the in-app points
  • After that, exchange the earned points for 2500 rupees by going into the Collect rewards option. After that, transfer them to your Paytm account. 
  • You can also exchange the in-app coins in the form of Amazon gift cards.

Once your withdrawal request is accepted, and you receive the 2500 rupees in your Paytm account, you can easily use that amount to get 10000 free fire diamonds. 

  • Open the free fire Top-up website of Codashop.
  • Select the 10000 diamonds top-up plan for your Free Fire account.
  • Enter your free-fire player ID or in-game name.
  • Select the payment method as Paytm, and pay the required top-up amount from that 2500 rupees, which we earned using the Media reward app. 

By using the media reward app you can easily hack 10,000 Free Fire diamonds. Most of the free-fire players use this app for a free-fire 10000 diamonds hack generator. The best top-up website to buy free fire diamonds is Codashop. You can easily buy diamonds from this website without any problems.

Free Fire 10,000 Diamond Hack With Human Verification

In the past, there was a time when Garena Free Fire was giving free Diamonds to make Booyah or for watching Rewarded Ads. However, today, there's no way to earn Free Diamonds. The only options available are to top up. So, the majority of users are searching for working techniques for the 50000 Diamond Hack with no human confirmation. Is it possible?

It is indeed possible. If you can use some smart techniques, you could get between 1000 and 10000 Diamonds for free. It is not necessary to utilize any free fire diamond link app, website, or the brand new Lulu box application Free Diamonds trick. We have listed all possible tricks along with their pros and cons. Therefore, make sure to read all the details carefully. So, with no time wasted and getting straight to the main subject.


So, this is all about Free Fire Unlimited 10000 Diamond Hack Generator. Don’t forget to share with your friends. If you Have any Problems or queries. Please let us know in the Comment section. Thank You.

Frequently Ask Questions.

Media Rewards App and Google Opinion Rewards. These two apps are one the authentic ways to obtain in-game currency without paying any money. ...

YES, you can play Garena Free Fire using a VPN. This is similar to how people played PUBG Mobile after the May 2020 ban on the game due to similar issues. If you are a Free Fire gamer, you need to have a sound and premium VPN service.

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