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Hey Free Fire Lovers, are you looking for the Best Free Fire Quotes, Status, or Captions? So, let’s see Show one of the Best Free Fire Quotes you ever find on any Other Website. Free Fire is one of the Most Popular & Highly Played games in India. It has Millions of Active Players from all over the World.

Here, in this post, you will find Free Fire Quote or Free Fire Shayri in Hindi. You can use these Captions for your Instagram and make your Bio more Attractive. Here you will find the Best Free Fire Attitude status. So, let’s move to our post.

free fire quotes
free fire quotes

Free Fire Quotes in English

  1. Legends Never Die, they Respawn & get Booyah!
  2. You have the Best Skins, I Have the Best Skills.
  3. If You Think You are bad, I’m Your Dad.
  4. Free Fire is not a game, it’s an Emotion.
  5. The Result May Be Positive Or Negative, Never Forget To Give Your Best
  6. Hamari Entry Let Hoti Hai. Magar Jaha Bhee Hoti Hai, Great Hoti Hai.
  7. All The Time Living To Play #FREEFIRE, Work laboriously For Having Fun With #FREEFIRE And Never Die With A Headshot.
  8. I Broke Helmets, Not Someone Hearts.
  9. Free Fire is Life when there is no Girlfriend or Wife.
  10. We are Free Fire Players, We Don’t Need Beautiful, We Only Need a Battery full.
  11. PRO ≠ Professional, PRO = Perfection!
  12. If you are comparing Free Fire with other games you are disrespecting Free Fire!

Free Fire Quotes in Hindi

  1. अपने को क्या, अपने को तो बस फ्री फायर खेलना है।
  2. बेटा बाप, से पंगा नहीं लेता।
  3. चल बॉम्बे तुझे मां से मिलाता हूं, ना रे पागली चल फ्री फायर तुझे भाई से मिलाता हूं।
  4. माई पीच, मेरी खुशी, दुनिया अच्छी हो ये बुरी, फ्री फायर मेरा साथ हो तो आई एम सो हैप्पी।
  5. रविवार, बालकानी, फ्रीफायर और माई…, अक्सर ये बताते हैं… 4x दायरा मिल जाता तो बूया होता…

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Free Fire Attitude Status

  1. TUm humare game ko PUBG se Compare karte ho, Beta Kabhi Free Fire me aao Bina hile Headshot dedunga.
  2. Tera baap hu saale.
  3. Life Is Like A FREEFIRE, It Knocks You Down But Your Friends Will Be Time There To Revive You!
  4. Noob Samajhane Kee Bhool Na Kar BetaBaap Hoon Tera.
  5. Keep Calm And Have A Booyah.
  6. I Am Not Afraid Of Dying From Enemies In The FREEFIRE, Because My Team Is Enough For Them.
  7. Don’t Ask My Degree I am In Grandmaster Player.
  8. “One is bastard, the other is very bastard, Then come those people who, Forget Your Girlfriend For Free-Fire.

Free Fire Captions for Instagram

  • If you are Camper, You Must Use Diaper
  • Groza Near, YOu must Fear
  • You say your squad is very dangerous, Son! Ever meet the guy with Free Fire and see, He alone is the father of the entire squad?

PUBG vs Free Fire vs BGMI Quotes

  1. Open your ears to the people of PUBG and listen, FREE FIRE Panga will be very expensive, Pick up your game and get out to China.
  2. So much I love, Haven’t even done me, As much as it has been through Free-Fire.
  3. Chal Be Lodu Side Hut, Now it’s your brother’s turn.
  4. People lying on Facebook and Instagram are cowards, Those who are enjoying life, whose mobile is free-fire.
  5. PUBG ho ya BGMI, Free Fire best tha or best Rahega.
  6. Tik-Tok people consider themselves Bollywood stars and, Free-Fire people call themselves Army soldiers.

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