How to change Name in Pubg Mobile 2023 | Step by Step

Hey PUBG lovers, If you want to change your name in PUBG Mobile but don’t know how to change then let me help You. changing the name of PUBG mobile is not rocket science but it can be a little difficult for those who are new to PUBG Mobile. Lets, See How can You Change your Name in PUBG Mobile 2023.

Free Pubg Rename Card

PUBG Mobile is one of the best and most popular battle royal games in the world. PUBG Mobile is an online game and it is very easy to play. It has had more than 600 million downloads in the world since its launch.

If you just installed the PUBG Mobile game and want to change your name because of any reason then I can help you. You need a rename card to change your name. if you don’t have then I can help you to get a free rename card in a few minutes.

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Benefits Of Changing Pubg Names

There are many benefits you’ll get when you change the PUBG Mobile name. So, let me explain each benefit one by one.

  • Attractive Name: If you don’t have an attractive name then you can choose an attractive PUBG name to attract more players. If you attract more players then you’ll get much popularity on your Pubg Mobile account.
  • Clan: If you have a clan and you want to add clan names with your name in Pubg Mobile. It will help you to increase clan popularity.
  • Thrill: You’ll feel thrilled when you have a good name in Pubg Mobile.

How to Get Free Rename Card

pubg name

There are two ways to get a rename card where one way is paid and the second is free. If you need a rename card then follow the below steps to get one.

  1. Go to the PUBG Mobile app and open it.
  2. Go to PUBG Mobile levels.
  3. Complete 1 to 10 levels and collect all rewards.

At level 10, PUBG Mobile gives a free rename card to every player.

Note: If you have already collected and used the rename card then you can buy a rename card from the shop section. Rename card costs only 180UC. So, let me tell you how you can purchase a rename card in a few very simple steps.

How to Buy a Rename card

As you know you need 180UC to buy a rename card to change your name. If you don’t have 180UC then you have to add it. You can purchase UC at a very low price from This is the official site of PUBG and PUBG Mobile that provides UC at a cheaper price than its app purchase.

This is 100 percent safe if you buy UC at a cheap price. If you have purchased UC then follow the below steps to buy a rename card.

  1. Open the PUBG Mobile app and log in if you are not.
  2. Go to the shop section in the Pubg Mobile app.
  3. Locate the rename card and click on it.
  4. Now, click on the buy or purchase button.

Congratulations, You purchased a rename card to change your name in Pubg Mobile.

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how to change name in pubg mobile

How to Change Name in PUBG

So gamers, finally the wait is over. You can change your Pubg name once a day. If you got a rename card and are ready to change your name then follow the below steps. All the steps are very easy to follow so, don’t worry about anything.

  1. Open your PUBG Mobile app
  2. Go to Inventory and locate your rename card.
  3. Tap one renames the card and enter your new name.
  4. Now, hit the OK button to change the name in PUBG Mobile.

Congratulations, Your PUBG Name has changed now. So, enjoy. If you liked the amazing article then can you can help another player to change the name by sharing this article.

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