Makar Sankranti pubg event | PUBG New event – All You Want To Know About it

Makar Sankranti pubg event 2020. Pubg New event 2020. All you want to know about Pubg Makar Sankantri Event. PUBG new event Makar Sankranti.

Here you will get all the information about the makar  Sankranti event. Makar Sankranti REWARD, How to Play, How you can paly this Event with Your friend. All information About PUBG Makar Sankranti event.
Makar Sankranti pubg event 2020

Makar Sankranti pubg Event

PUBG mobile has brought a new event based on the Indian Festival Makar Santantri. The event Period Is From 14th Jan 2020 – 25th Jan 2020. There is a lot of rewards available in this Event. including M416 Skin ( limited time ), Parachute Skin ( limited time )
, Classic crate, One PErmanent Outfit, etc.
PUBG Makar Sankranti event reward

How to play the Makar Sankranti pubg event?

This event is similar to the Ludo game. There are a total of 120 stages, at a certain position you will see some reward. There is a Dice in this event, You have to collect Roll by Completing a daily mission. You can collect 3 Roll Per day by completing daily missions. You  Can Also Buy the Roll with UC. Once you collect roll, Just roll it. Any random Number Will be generated within the range of 6. Suppose, you Got 5 number then your kite will move 5 number Forward. If your Kite Land on the place where Reward is available then you will get that reward. If your Kite moves 1 step forward from that reward then also you will get that reward which let behind. You have to land on that Reward then you will get a Reward. At an interval of 5 Reward is Available.
PUBG Makar Sankranti
To get the final reward, land exactly on level 120. For example, if you are at level 119 and dice output is 4, you will be forwarded by  1 step and backward by 3 steps and end at 117. To reach120 from 119, you should roll exactly 1.

Play Makar Sankranti pubg Event with Friends :

You can also play this event with your friends. At the top right side of this event, you will see an Invite 3 Besties option. Click on that and invite 3 friends from your friends’ list. If your friends start playing this event you can see the position of your Frriiendd in this event. As you can see in the image, that we can see the position of my friend in the event. like this, you can play this event with your  3 Besties.
Play Makar Sankranti pubg Event with Friends

So, this the total information about the NEW Even in thePUBG Mobile. I hope you will geet Cleard about the PUBG Mobile Makar Sankranti Event.
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