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PUBG Mobile is one of the Highest Playing games in the World. It has millions of Active Users and numbers are increasing Rapidly. There are lots of ways, with the help of which you can generate a lump sum amount of Money through PUBG Mobile. I will give you some best ideas to generate Money through PUBG Mobile in Short or Long Duration Time.

If you talk about me, I had Personally made a Good amount of Money through PUBG Mobile. Let’s See 6 Best ways to earn money from PUBG Mobile.

How to Earn Money from PUBG Mobile ?

There are lots of ways to earn money from PUBG Mobile. Among them, Playing & Arranging tournaments is one of the Easiest ways to Earn Money. But, at some times it doesn’t work i.e. If you play a Tournament, You have to win that match to earn money and if you arrange a Tournament, You have to Find at least 20 Teams that are Ready to Pay Entry Fees.

earn money from pubg mobile

I am going to give you, my best 6 Efficient way to Make Money through PUBG Mobile. So, let’s get started.

1. Start a PUBG Mobile Blog

You can Start a Blog on Battlegrounds Mobile India. It Might be Difficult for Some People if they don’t Know anything about Blogging. Blogging means Writing Blogs and Drive Traffic to Your Blogs.

See, If you don’t know about Blogging you can Search on YouTube and can Start Your Blogging Journey. Literally, Blogging has high Earning Potentials. I had Earned more than $1000, through PUBG Mobile Blogs. PUBG Mobile is now PUBG Mobile, You can make more through Blogging and PUBG Mobile.

2. Start PUBG Mobile Instagram Page

This is one of the Best Ways to Make Money with the help of PUBG Mobile and Instagram. In this, You have to create a PUBG Mobile Instagram Meme Page like @bgmi.officiall. Then, You have to Upload PUBG Mobile Content (Memes, Videos, Updates, & More) Regularly with Proper Hashtags. If you are not good at Content Creation, You can use Others’ page Content and give them Credit.

Along with time, Your Page will Grow & the Numbers of Followers Will Increase. Once, You Reach at least 10K Followers. You will start Receiving Paid Promotions. Paid Promotion of Gaming Pages is Quite high than other Memes & Fan Pages. Paid Promotion Price Depend on Numbers of Followers, You have.

With time, You can Increase your Promotion Price based on your Followers or Audience intersection.

3. Arrange & Play PUBG Mobile Tournaments

Playing PUBG Mobile Paid Customs make gives Multiple of Money you Invested. But, It is not as easy, Your team Needs to be Perfect. Since You have to battle with the other 19 Pro Teams. So, it is easier to make money by arranging tournaments.

You can earn lots of money by arranging PUBG Mobile Tournament. If you put a good winning prize lots of peoples will join in the tournaments and you will get profit.

Let’s Assume, You set 30rs entry charges per player.
And 80 Players are in a match
Now Put a Prize of 15rs per kill so that even if 80 players are killed, You have to pay only 1200Rs. Let the Winning amount be 500Rs.
2400-1700= 700rs.
700Rs will be your earning and profit.

You can Add Your PUBG Mobile Whatsapp Group to Our Website. So, More People can Join Your Group Daily.

4. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel is one of the Most Common and hardest ways to Make Money. There is no doubt, that it has lots of Money. But, to grow a YouTube Channel from Strach is Very Tough. It Requires Lots of hard work, Dedication, and Patience.

Literally, I had not started a YouTube Channel. So, I can’t tell more about Growing a YouTube Channel.

5. Became a eSport Player

As we all know, Esports Industry is growing rapidly in India. If you have good skills you can become an eSports Player for Popular PUBG Mobile Clans. If you are interested in Becoming an Esports Player.

6. Became a GFX Desiner

You can Learn GFX Designing from YouTube for Free of Cost. Since there are Many Players who want Custom Mascot Logo and YouTubers who make to make a Best GFX Youtube Thumbnail. You can Make Paid Logo & Thumbnail and Make a Good Amount of Money.


These are the Top 6 Ways to Make Money through PUBG Mobile. I Know, these methods are Quite Difficult, You have to Learn New Things and New Skills. Once, You learn any of the Above skills or methods, You can Generate a lump Sum Amount of Money through PUBG Mobile.

Not only PUBG Mobile but these skills or Methods are also Useful in other Ideas too. For example, If you Learn Blogging, You create a Blog on Other Topics too Such as Free Fire, Quotes, etc. Similarly, You can go with an Instagram Method as well.

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