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Make Your Profile On Sidtalk

If you are Gamer and Wanna Feature on Sidtalk. Yes! you Can.

Why Sidtalk?

👉 Sidtalk is an India No 2 Website in a PUBG, Free Fire, and Others Games Players Biography (Only After SportsKeeda). If you are Public Figure, You can Feature your profile on our Website and Lets your Fans find you among Top Gamers.

👉 Your Name will Show up on Google first Page for Searched Name ( Provided the Name should be Unique so, it will Not Collide to Other Famous People on the Internet)

👉 Your Profile will show up in the Related Section of Other Players on Your Filed, Which will increase Profile Coverage to a New Audience Of Similar Interest. For example, If you are a PUBG Player, Your Profile will Display Randomly among Dynamo, Mortal, Scout, etc.

Requirement for Getting Profile On Sidtalk

✍ You Must have at least 10K Subscriber On Your Gaming Channel.

✍ You need to provide all of the Detail that you want to put in Your Profile along with the Images.

✍ You need to Verify Your YouTube Channel by Giving Heart to Our Comments.

💳 The Fixed Price for Creating a Profile on Our Website in Rs. 300/-. Price Will be Increase in Upcoming Days.

💖 If you wanna Make your Profile On Sidtalk. Contact Us on Here. .

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