Fnatic Owais Biography, Age, Real Name, BGMI ID, sensitivity and More

Owais PUBG Age, Real Name, BGMI ID Number and Character id, photo, Bio, Team, sensitivity, and More. Soul Owais Wiki and Biography. All You Want to About Fnatic Owais.

Soul Owais PUBG

Short Biography Of Fnatic Owais

Real NameMohammed Owais Lakhani
Date Of BirthDon’t Know
BGMI NameFNCowais
BGMI ID Number517485393
Team Players NameFNC・JunaidOp
Clan NameFnaticsports
Controls5 Finger Claw
Device Used to playiPhone
PUBG Popularity1545.9+ K
Social Network Information
Instagram @owais_op
Fnatic Owais PUBG Player

Fnatic Owais PUBG Player

The real name of Fnatic Owais PUBG Player is Mohammed Owais Lakhani and He lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He used to play 5-finger claw and is an excellent close combat assaulter. He Lives in India and his nationality is Indian.

He is one of the best assaulters in the Indian PUBG Mobile community. His teammates’ name is FnaticSc0ut0p, FnaticRonak, FnaticInyourdreams, and FnaticParitosh.

Why did Owais Left Soul Clan?

Why Owais Left Soul Clan

Previously, Owais was in Soul Clan Which is Controlled by Soul Mortal. A few weeks ago, just after the conclusion of PMCO, MortaL announced his break from the competitive scene of PUBG Mobile to focus on being a YouTuber and streaming. Because of that, Team SouL had been looking for a new player to fill in MortaL’s slot in PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019. 

During a YouTube stream, SouL Ronak and SouL Viper confirmed that Owais and sc0utOP will be dropping Team Soul. Shortly after the result of the PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split 2019.

Fnatic Owais BGMI Information:

THE PUBG ID Number of Fnatic Owais is 517485393 and PUBG Character Id is FNCowais.

He Plays PUBG Mobile since Season 2. his K/D is 7.41, 8.63, 8.27, 8.68, 7.08, 6.71, 5.73, 5.45, 4.75  from Season 2 to season 10 Respectively.

He has the title of PMCO Regional Champion. 

Fnatic OWais Biography

Fnatic Owais Contacts

Owais has More than 440K+ Instagram accounts. The official Instagram Page name of Owais is @owais_op.  He has more than 562K+  Subscribers on his youtube channel. he is widely known for his handling of assault Guns. His YouTube Channel name is Owais

Owais Popular youtube Videos:

Final Words / Conclusion

So, this is the whole information about the Fnatic Owais, Owais PUBG Age, Real Name, BGMI ID Number and Character id, photo, Bio, Team, sensitivity, and More. Soul Owais Wiki and Biography. All You Want to About Soul Owais.

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