Unlock Pubg Mobile 60 FPS, 90 FPS Config File Download + iPad View

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Pubg Mobile 60 fps and 90 fps Config File Download 2022. Unlock HDR, Ultra HD, and Extreme graphics Setting in Pubg Mobile 2.1.

Pubg Mobile is one of the Most popular Battleroylae games in the World. It has Millions of Active Players in the World. If you have never played any battle royale game in the World, You Must try Pubg Mobile with 90 fps Ultra Graphics Setting. Pubg Mobile Graphics Setting Depend on Device to Support 60 FPS or 90 FPS in PUBG Mobile.

In low-end Devices, 60 fps is not supported. But, with the help of 60 fps (Extreme) and 90 fps Configuration File for Pubg Mobil v2.0, you can Run pubg Mobile in Full Graphics Setting even in low-end devices. So, let How to Setup file in Pubg Mobile.

Pubg Mobile 60 fps Config File Download

Pubg Mobile 60 FPS File Download

You can easily run 60 fps in Pubg Mobile even on the Low-End Device. You will Not Need any 60 fps Config File for Pubg Mobile to Make it Happen. You just Need a GFX Tool for Pubg Mobile. Download the Below GFX Tool and Config the Setting Given Below. Your Pubg Mobile will Run on 60 fps on Your Low or Medium End Devices.

GFX Settings to Enable 60 FPS in PUBG Mobile

  • Select Version: 2.0 (BGMI)
  • Resolution: 1024×576
  • Graphics: Smooth
  • FPS: 60FPS
  • Anti-Aliasing: Disable
  • Style: Colorful
  • Rendering Quality: Low
  • Light Effect: Disable
  • GPU Optimization: Disable
  • Water Reflection: Disable
  • Save Controls: Enalble
Pubg 90 fps File Downloads

Download 90 Fps Config file for Pubg Mobile 2.0

With the help of 90 Fps Configuration File, you can enable a 90 fps and Full graphics Setting in Pubg Mobile. As we all Know Pubg Mobile allow only Specific Device to Run Pubg Mobile at 90 fps and Most of these Devices are of High Cost and cannot be Purchased by Low-End Device users.

Remember to Unlock the 90 fps with the help of the Config File, Your Device Must be 90 FPS and for that, your Device Must have a 120 Hz Display Rate.

Password: sidtalk.xyz

How to Install 90 fps Config File in PUBG Mobile

Installation Process of Config File in Pubg is very Simple and Straight Forward. Follow the Step below to use the 90 fps Config File in Pubg Mobile.

  1. Download the 90 fps Config file, with the help of the Above Download Link.
  2. Extract the file with the help of Zarchiever or any other file Explorer.
  3. After Unzip, Copy The “ files ” Folder From the Unzip Folder.
  4. Go to the Android/ Date / com.tencent.ig /
  5. Now Copy the “ files “ Folder and Past The “ files“ Folder. If You get any popup, Then Just Click On the “ REPLACE “ Button.
  6. After All, File Replace with new file Closs all apps from recent apps
  7. Now Open PUBG MOBILE and Enjoy.

How to Enable 90 fps in low-End Device in Pubg Mobile?

90 Fps is available in a Few Devices Only. If you want to Enable 90 fps, you have to Download its Configuration File.

Can I Enable 60 fps in My Low-End Device?

Yes! With the help of the GFX Tool, you can Enable a 90 fps Configuration Graphics Setting.

is it safe to use the Configuration file in Pubg Mobile?

Using any GFX tool to Enhance your Gaming Experience is not an illegal program. So, there is no chance of getting by Pubbg Mobile.

Final Words

So, this is all about 90 fps and 60 fps configuration files in Pubg Mobile. If you have any Problem Regarding the Installation of the file let us know in the Comment Section. We will try to Respond to your Problem as soon as possible.