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PUBG mobile season 10 Royal pass leaked. New updates, Rewards , Skin, emote, gun ,etc .All you want to know about new season. sidtalk.

PUBG mobile Royal pass season 10

PUBG mobile season 10 Royal pass 

New season of PUBG mobile is going to more exciting then the previous one . I am talking about season 10 . Basically Royal pass season 10 theme is based on Miramar map. You will New costumes, emotes, gun skin , new stickers in season 10. In this article I will show you all the updates in pubg mobile Royal pass season 10.

1:- Theme

Pubg  ddmobile season10 royal pass
So basically PUBG mobile season 10 is based on Miramar or Desert themes. You will find costumes, emotes, and gun and vehicle skin is likely to be desert types. But , season 10 is more exciting then season 9.

2:- New Outfits

Season 10 Royal pass has 5 outfit as you can see in the image above . This include 1 epic,3 legendary and 1 myth outfit.

Myth outfit is obviously  available on RP 100 . As you can see in the image above. This outfit is really nice and looking more powerful.

4:- New Emotes

In royal pass 10, 4 emote is available in  rewards in different RP level including 1 free pass.
Emotes in pubg mobile season 10
Emotes in pubg mobile season 10
So you can see above are 2 legendary emote . I am really sorry I can’t make a 3 and 4 one.

4:- New  stickers

Recently New feature in pub mobile is introduce is Sticker . i.e you can draw a stickers on everywhere on game i.e on floor,air drop, Vehicle, roof, everywhere you want . So recently some stickers are available for users . In royal pass season 10 new stickers are shown below

Stickers of pubg mobile season 10

Stickers of pubg mobile
Stickers of pubg mobile season 10

5 :- Tiers Rewards

As we all know reward is also available based on Tiers in pubg mobile. Since , past season reward is only available on gold, diamond and ace Tiers . Others Tiers only have Title tags and frames in crown and conqueror respectively.

In diamon tier you will get a skin of M249 as you can see in amage below

✓ As obviously in ace you get a parachute skin
as you can see in image below

PUBG mobile season 10 ace parachute

6:- vehicle skin and new Weapon

In season 10 new motor cycle and a jeep skin is going to be available for royal pass holders.

As you can see in Below image
In season 10 a new weapon is introduced which use 9mm ammo

7 :- New Gun skin

As you can see Royal pass holder has a AKM skin in 90 RP which is legendary.

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