PUBG mobile season 11 leak Royal pass | Rewards, gun skin ,new features and more | PUBG mobile royal pass 11

PUBG mobile season 11 leaked. Rewards gun skin ,new features and more. All you want to know about season 11 in pubg mobile. PUBG mobile royal pass 11.



So, in this article I gonna show you the new reward in season 11 of pubg mobile.

Pubg mobile season 11 royal pass

1:- ACE parachute

PUBG mobile season 11 Ace parachute 
This is a new skin of parachute for ace players. As we all know, at ace we get a new parachute skin . So, this a skin for season 11

2:- Diamond reward

PUBG mobile season 11 gun skin
Every season,w get a new gun skin at Diamond tier. Just you have to play 5 matches in Diamond tier. So, in upcoming season 11 there is a new skin of MK14 which you can see in above image.

PUBG mobile season 11 royal pass

3:-  Gold reward
Pubg mobile season 11 outfit
Every season you get a new costume at gold tier. So, season 11 new costume reward for the gold tier is 👆👆. You can see in above images.

4:- New features

Pubg updates in season 11

 In upcoming updates, you can disable the slide option in TDM (Team Death Match).

Pubg update in season 11

 2 new options will be coming in new updates of pubg mobile in Workshop. i.e batch9notyet and vehicle. This option helps you to modify Your vehicle in a desirable way. For more information, you can watch this video

PUBG update in season 11

This is really awesome update for players. FPPSwap means you can swap TPP to FPP in Ongoing matches in Classic. 

More update of PUBG mobile season 11 will be coming soon …..


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