PUBG Mobile Season 13 Leaks – Royal Pass Rewards, New Skins, and outfits | PUBG Season 13 Updates

Pubg Mobile Season 13 leaks consists of New Outfits, New skins of gun and vehicle, Emotes, parachut and more. Pubg season 13 release date is 13 May . It may be delay for 1 or 2 Days. PUBG Mobile Season season 13 theme is based on  Toy Playground or You can Say Power-Ranger Themes.

Pubg Mobile Season 13 Leak Images

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Leaks

PUBG Mobile is One of the Popular multiple players Game. We are going to show you some images of Pubg mobile season 13 Leaks it contains tiers Rewards and Royal pass Rewards. Pubg Mobile Season 13 theme is based on Toy Playground. Max RP Outfits is Red and Blue Power-rangers Suits.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Tiers Rewards

As we all know that, we get reward at each tiers in PUBG. PUBG Season 13 tier rewards consists of Outfits at gold, cap at platinum, Aug Skin at Diamond, 3 Rating Protection Cards at crown, Parachute Skins at Ace and Frame at Conqueror Tier.

Pubg season 13 Gold Reward
Pubg season 13 Platinum Reward
Pubg season 13 Diamond Reward
Season 13 Ace Parachute
Season 13 conqueror Frame

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royal Pass Rewards 

We are going to show you some Royal Pass Rewards of PUBG Mobile Season 13. These Rewards consists of Outfits, Gun Skins, Vehicle Skins, MVP Emotes, Bag Skins and More. PUBG Mobile Season 13 Max RP Reward RP Suits is Red and Blue Power Ranger Suits. Some Leaks May be Changed in season 13, but max of them are conform leaks
Season 13 vector skin
Season 13 pubg
Season 13 Avatar Frame
Season 13 royal pass Rewards
Pubg season 13 helmets
Season 13 Airplane Skin
Pubg season 13 Parachute Skins
Season 13 pan skins
Season 13 bag skins
100 RP Outfit of season 13
Pubg season 13 Leaks

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Updates

PUBG is going to bring a New a Character after Vector, Sara and Carlo.  New Character name is Andy and this Character is look like Magacian and His quite ” i can make the Gun Talk “. Season 13 Updat is Going to bring a Updated Map for Miramar. Season 13 is also Bringing Two New MVP Emotes.
Andy Pubg Character
Pubg andy
Pubg season 13 outfits
Season 13 MVP Emotes
Season 13 MVP emotes
These are some images of PUBG Mobile Season 13 Leaks, Royal Pass Rewards, Tiers Rewards and Season 13 Updates.
Say tuned to our website for latest Updates of PUBG Mobile Season 13. We will Add More Images of Season 13 as soon as it released by PUBG Corporation
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