Pubg Mobile Season 18: Release Date, Tier Rewards and Royale pass Rewards

Pubg Mobile Season 18 is gonna be a big boom for Pubg lovers. Because, in this Season we will gonna see lot of New Updates, Events, Lobby and Obviously new Gun Skins.

So, in this article we are going to see Upcoming 1.3 and Season 18 Updates of PUBG mobile. Pubg Mobile 1.3 Beta Batch is Available for Players for Testing. In this Beta Version we have Found some Amazing Things which will make Season 18 Awesome. So, let’s Start with Pubg Season 18 Release Date.

Pubg Mobile Season 18

Pubg Mobile Season 18 Release Date

Pubg Mobile Season Longs for a 2 Months i.e. 8 weeks. In this 8 week, You have to Complete your all RP mission to Get All Rewards till 100. Now, we Know Pubg Mobile Season 17 relase on 19 January.

Pubg Mobile Season 18 Release Date is 20 March 2021. Players can Buy Pubg Mobile Season 18 Royal Pass with 600 UC or 8000 AG Currency.

Pubg Mobile Season 18 Tier Rewards

In Pubg, We get Some Rewards by playing 5 Matches in Every New Tiers. We Get Rewards on each Tier from Gold to Conqueror.

At Gold Tier we will get Season 18 Tier Outfit. We will get Helmet of Gold Tier Outfit at Platinum.

Pubg Season 18 Outfit

At Diamond we will Get a Brand New DP-28 Skin by Playing 5 Matches in Diamond Lobby.

Pubg Season 18 Diamond Tier Gun Skin

At, Ace we will get Parachute Skin and Similarly at Conqueror we get Conqueror Frame.

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Pubg Season 18 Royale Pass Rewards

Pubg Season 18 Is Totally gonna be a Big for Pubg Lovers. Season 18 Comes with a New Season 18 Lobby and we will Gonna See a New X-Suit which you see See in Below Images.

Pubg Season 18 Lobby

We Also Gonna See A New Map in Pubg which is Smaller than Sanhok with a Size of 2×2 KM.

So, thease are Some Leaks Of Pubg Mobile Season 18 including Release Date, Tier Rewards and royale Pass Rewards. What Do you think about Season 18. Let Us Know in Comments. Thank You.

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