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pubg season 18 gold tier reward

Pubg Mobile Season 18 Comes with a New RP and Tier Rewards. Season 18 theme is gonna based on pubg Mobile 3rd Anniversary. As Pubg 2nd anniversary comes in Season 12 and Pubg Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass theme is Completely Based on its 2nd Anniversary. So, let’s See Confirm Leaks of Pubg Mobile Season 18 with images.

Pubg Mobile Season 18 Release Date

Pubg Mobile 1.3 Beta Batch is Available for Players for Testing. In this Beta Version, we have Found some Amazing Things which will make Season 18 Awesome.

Pubg Mobile All Season Longs for 2 Months i.e. 8 weeks. In these 8 weeks, we have to Complete all RP missions to Get All Rewards to 100. Pubg Mobile Season 17 release on 19 January. Since Every Pubg Season longs for a 2 Month. So, We can Conclude the Release date of Season 18.

Pubg Mobile Season 18 Release Date is 20 March 2021. Players can Buy Pubg Mobile Season 18 Royale Pass with 600 UC or 8000 AG Currency.

Pubg Mobile Season 18 Tier Rewards

Pubg Mobile Tier starts from Bronze and ends at Conqueror. In between Gold and Conqueror Pubg gives some Outfit, Gun skin, parachute skin, etc. at every New Tier. In Pubg, We get Some Rewards by playing 5 Matches in Every New Tiers. There is Conform leak come out of Pubg Mobile Season 18 Tier Rewards.

Pubg Season 18 Gold Tier Reward

pubg season 18 gold tier reward
pubg season 18 gold tier reward

At the gold tier, Pubg Mobile gives a Brand New Outfit. This outfit is in Black and Orange color. The Name of the Outfit is Season 18 Outfit. After Playing 5 matches in the Gold tier, Players can get Outfit Permanently.

Pubg Season 18 Platinum Tier Rewards

pubg platinum tier reward
pubg Season 18 platinum tier reward

At Platinum tier, Pubg gives a Face mask that has Similar color to Gold Tier Outfit. Mask is Orange and black in color.

Diamond and Crown Rewards

pubg Season 18 diamond gun skin
pubg Season 18 diamond gun skin

At Diamond, Pubg every Season provide New gun Skin for Free. In Season 18 Pubg gives free DP-28 Gun Skin. DP-28 gun is in violet, black, and pink in color. Dp-28 is the most Powerful gun which can load 48 ammo at the same time.

At Crown, Player will get 3 Rating Protection Cards and a Epic Entry Effect in Lobby.

Ace and Conqueror Rewards

Season 18 ace Parachute Skin
Season 18 ace Parachute Skin

At Ace, Players will get a Free Permanent Parachute Skin and Legendary Entry Effect in Lobby. Parachute has a Similar color to DP-28 Gun Skin. it has a Season 18 Logo on top of the parachute.

Season 18 conqueror frame
Season 18 conqueror frame

Conqueror Player will get a Conqueror Frame along with Mythic Entry effect in Lobby.

These are Some Conform leaks of Pubg Mobile Season 18. So, If you find this article helpful then please let us know in Comment Section. If you want the Latest Updates from us Then press the bell icon present on the bottom left. So, you will be notified of Every New Posts from Us. Thank You.