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In this article, you will get all the information On Purchase Bonus rewards Of PUBG Mobile Season 16. Pubg Mobile Season 16 LEaks and Updates. Pubg the Latest update.

Pubg Mobile 16 Pass plus

Pubg Mobile Season 16 Coming Date :

Pubg Elite Plus

Pubg Mobile Royale pass Exists for a 2 Months which Contain 8 weeks Missions. PUBG Mobile Season 16 will be released on 17th November 2020. You can Buy Season 16 With the help of 600 UC and 8000 AG Currency. Now, Let’s talk about Pubg Season 16 Purchase Bonus Rewards Photos. 

Pubg Season 16 Purchase Bonus Rewards.

Pubg Mobile Royale Pass Comes with a Great Rewards which we can Get at Some Specific RP points. RP starts from 1 and end at 100 for Royale Pass Holders. For Non-RP Holders, it Ends at 60RP. Every New Royale Pass Comes with a Purchase Bonus which Contains Some Outfits and Gun Skins. To Get This Reward you have to Purchase UC. It basically comes with Three Rewards and you have to Unlock them to get Free. 

Pubg Season 16 Purchase Bonus

First will be Unlocked if you buy 60 UC and you will get it for free. Send will Unlock at 120 UC. Mainly, These two rewards are outfit and mask or Headgear. The most third reward is Permanent Gun Skin and You will unlock these rewards by purchasing any amount of UC. But, You have to Buy that Skin with 180UC.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Leaks Photos :

In season 16 Purchase Bonus you will get a Free female outfit and a New SLR Skin for 180 UC. You Can see the Images Of the Purchase Bonus Below.

Pubg Mobile Season 16 SLR Skin

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