Pubg Vs Free fire – Which is Better ? |

PUBG Vs Free fire 

Pubg vs Freefire
We are going to see a detailed comparison between PUBG and free fire in terms of graphics, gameplay, guns, vehicles, Public reviews, career and More. 

PUBG Vs Free Fire –  Detailed Information

Pubg Vs Freefire
Both games follow the same principles Of jumping from the Plane, find Weapons, Kill other players and last who survived he will be a winner.  In PUBG winner get Chicken Dinner while In Freefire he gets Booyah!

Weapon Comparisons

There are a total of 26 weapons in Freefire while PUBG has a Total of 36 weapon types.

Weapon Comparisons
  • PUBG has a huge number of weapons collection. It includes various Categories like AR(Assault rifle), SMGs, Shotgun, pistols, melee, explosives and more.
  • Freefire has Similar weapons but in fewer Numbers. There are a total of 26 weapons in feefire while PUBG has a Total of 36 weapon types.

Vehicle Comparision 

In terms of vehicles, PUBG has More Points than Freefire because of the design of his vehicle and vehicle Driving experience.

Pubg vs Free fire – Vehicle Comparison
  • Frefire has Vehicles names Jeep, Pickup Truck, Monster Truck, Sports Car, Golf Cart, Four
  • There are huge types of vehicles available in PUBG. Theses include Buggy, UAZ , Sidecar Motorcycle, Motorcycle, Dacia, PG-117

Mobile Compatibility

Pubg vs Freefire – mobile Compatibility
There is No Doubt that PUBG is a Better than freefire in terms of gameplay. But, in terms of Device requirement freefire does Better than PUBG mobile.
Free Fire only takes about 500MB to 600MB of your smartphone storage, and this game can easily run in smartphones with up to 1GB of RAM

PUBG Vs Free Fire – Which is Better ?

Pubg vs Free Fire – Which is Better

If you have Good enough smartphone up to 3 GB of Ram go for PUBG. Because PUBG gives you more exciting Gameplay and it supports high graphics in your smartphone. PUBG gives you Best Experience of Playing Battle royal Game. If you have low specifications smartphone go for Freefire or even you want some less thrilling Battle royal game Freefire suits you best.

It is all about personal choice, whether you want to have a ‘Chicken Dinner‘ or do a ‘Booyah!’

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