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Why the website uses captcha and ReCaptcha.  what is “I am not a robot ” meaning and why we saw this. Complete information about captcha and ReCaptcha. sidtalk

What are captcha and ReCaptcha

Before knowing
what is captcha and ReCaptcha, why websites use captcha, how it’s work?
Let’s take an example.
Say suppose CAPTCHA is not used in booking railway tickets website and u need a tatkal ticket. As we all know the opening of the Tatkal ticket counter is 11 am. For booking tickets online it takes approximately 3-4 minutes. If it proceeds manually.

suppose some programmer writes a web script in which the information required by the website is filled automatics .when tatkal tickets counter open someone runs that script and books all tickets within a second. You will get nothing in this case. So captcha is used to solve this problem.

What is captcha?

CAPTCHA’s are used for protection against online attacks and automated scripts. CAPTCHA is introduced in 2003 to avoid spammers on the internet. CAPTCHA system generates a random string word dynamically on the spot and asks the user to enter it. Now, programmer

or spammer can’t configure that script to be that much intelligent to read that string. Hence, automated scripts fail in these scenarios. Since the computer does not read the text in images.

Why websites use captcha?

Captcha is used to stop spamming on websites. Suppose if a website is not using captcha while using a contact form. Then spammer can write code in for loops that help to fill contact form millions of times automatically as loop condition is true. Thus a website database gets full by fake information.
Full of captcha is
Remember myspace? That originally did not have captcha, do you remember what happened? millions of friend requests, millions of messages, comment spam? Captcha sorted most of that out, the captcha is to make the website based internet for people, by proving they are human “reverse Turing test”. It helps to differentiate between humans and bots or scripts.

Who uses captcha and ReCaptcha?

Mainly all online companies that use to provide services use the captcha to avoid spam on the website. It includes Facebook to avoid the automatic creation of fake accounts Facebook uses its own captchas.
All these companies use to avoid spamming. Bots can be used to create hundreds of Mail Id’s which can be used as a spam mail accounts. To prevent this, all E-mail based services like Gmail, Yahoo – login use CAPTCHAs to stop bots from creating spam mail accounts.

What is ReCaptcha?

Captcha had become a company that is bought by Google in 2009. As people get frustrated by writing a string or text again and again. So, Google invented ReCaptcha. It is a simple white box contain a checkbox with a string” I am not a robot”.

you have to click on the checkbox to verify that you are not a robot. In this all the information while performing Recaptcha goes to Google server information include your IP address, way of behavior on the web page, your cursor movement, etc. Google uses machine learning language to detect that you are human or not. If Google bots satisfy 80-85% that your not robot checkbox is simply got green tik and you can process further. If Google bot has 10-15% doubt that you are bot it gives you images to select and verify that you are not a robot.

So, I hope you will get clear about captcha and ReCaptcha. If you have any complaints or suggestions .please don’t be hesitate to comment on the comment box.
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